I am responsible for all the fabrication and animation, except where noted.

  1. Test animation for a concept that never made it into "Heavy as a Hill"

  2. Shots from 2015 Graduation film, “Heavy as a Hill”

  3. Shots from 2014 collaboration with Katy Strutz - Katy made the fairy puppet, the forest set, as well as some of the props in the woodshop set

  4. Fragments that I animated in a 10 hour Animation performance at 2016 Animafest Zagreb organized by Thomas Johnson - The deer puppet was made by fellow performer, Ivana Bosnjak

  5. Quick sand animation test I made in 2015

  6. One of the first animations I made back in 2012



Coming Soon…

Laika’s Missing Link, will be released Spring of 2019! This was the first film I ever worked on, and I am so excited for it’s debut.




A little girl and her mother deal with youth, age, imagination, and depression.

This was my senior degree project film at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).  I was responsible for all the fabrication, lighting, animation, and sound. Some effects came from and several props were miniatures I had as a kid.


Festival Screenings:


  • Ottawa International Animation Festival - Ottawa, Canada - International Student Showcase

  • Be There! Corfu Animation Festival - Corfu, Greece - Best Graduation Film

  • Klik! Animation Festival - Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  • Ozark Shorts - Lamar, MO, United States

  • ANNY:Animation Nights New York - United States

  • Animafest Zagreb - Zagreb, Croatia

  • Insomnia Festival - Moscow, Russia

  • OMSI Animation Film Festival Kick-Off - Portland, OR, United States

  • Unicef Kids Festival - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Stoptrik Festival - Maribor, Slovenia

  • Chitose Airport International Animation Festival - Japan - International Showcase


  • 10th Tehran International Animation Festival - Tehran, Iran

  • Ashland Independent Film Festival - Ashland, OR, United States - Laika Shorts

  • Klamath Independent Film Festival - Klamath Falls, OR, United States - Laika Shorts

  • 16th Cardiff Animation Night - Cardiff, Wales

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